1) 'No Warning'

Ever wondered what mixed feelings sounded like? Now you’ll know. Expect nothing, from Mr. Todu’s debut EP, - ‘No Warning (Deluxe)’, as he takes you on this short, yet overly exhilarating roller coaster ride. Nothing like you’ve ever heard before, calling this ‘Hip-hop/Rap’ would be an unnecessary generalisation. Something fresh, something raw, and surely 100% ‘Todu’. Having collaborated with some of the hottest Indian artists and producers, Todu is sure to keep you enthralled from the beginning till the very end. Indian music like this, you’ve never experienced. So don’t ponder, just press play.  

NO WARNING cov.jpg
No warning corona Deluxe Version.jpg

2) 'No Warning (Deluxe)'

If you thought ‘No Warning’ was a little too much to handle, here comes the ‘deluxe’ version of it; more polished, more dangerous. For the sweetheart that Todu is, he decided to completely change the look of the record, and make it available to his dear listeners with yet another ‘bonus track’ - ‘Desi Drip’. Rage, rage, rage. Produced by none other than ‘Meme Machine’, this one is most definitely going to trip you out. Lethal basslines, god-like grooves and ‘Todu’ lyricism. Surely fear missing out on this one. 



Having collaborated with Mumbai producer 'Bluesanova' on this, the two created something rather unique and powerful through this song. An alternative hip-hop beat, coupled with dreamy guitars and 80's pop style synths, 'BOMBAY BLASTA' speaks of unnecessary competition in the Indian rap scene and gives out a message of unity and togetherness for true artistic growth. Written and performed by Todu, the vocal runs are quite experimental and varying. Quickly switching from staccato to legato deliveries and even Jamaican rap. A rather iconic artwork made by 'Gaurav Chugh' was the icing on the cake, having encapsulated the true essence of the track through one rather intricate illustration.