Lil Todu - "Free Us" Freeverse

Origin: Mumbai, India

Genre: Hip-hop, Trap, New Age, Experimental, Alternative 

Years Active: 2018 - Present

Label: South Block Records

Official Website:

Varun Shungloo, a.k.a ‘Lil Todu’ is a musical artist/performer from Mumbai, India. Having started off his journey with

hip-hop/rap, Todu made it huge with his debut single - ‘Pateli’, featuring alongside Meme Machine. Always experimenting, he has consistently entertained his audiences with fresh content, sonically and visually both.

Todu’s goal is simple- to expose the full potential of mainstream Indian art to the world. Listen to his debut EP - ‘No Warning (Deluxe)’ to know what the hype is all about!

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Enough is enough. Or not? 

Free Us is a song about speaking up against the atrocities by the governing officials.
Todu feels that as individuals, we are always scared, which is probably our biggest weakness.

The message that can be taken from this one-minute raw free-verse is to not allow the people in power to use our weaknesses against us. The sooner we unite and stand up for what is right, the better.

‘Free Us’ out now. Todu only wants to empower the masses and help restore our faith back in the system.

Written and performed by: Varun Shungloo aka Lil Todu

Lyrical video by: Sour Turnipp

Recorded, Mix and Mastered at: South Block Studios



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