Upcoming Album - 'Aadarsh Bars'

Title : Aadarsh Bars

Artist : Mr. Todu

Genre : Rap/Hip-Hop, Alternative,Experimental

Running Time : 31 mins approx.

No. of Tracks - 10


Album Art

Write Up -

Unique sounds, an original approach and authenticity are a few comparisons which seem rather impactful on paper, but are a tough finding in true reality. Not in the case of Mr. Todu, who is constantly engaged in the act of reinventing his unorthodox techniques of artistic expression. It is a rather bold step for a musician to take, when fearfully succumbing to prevailing trends seems to be the safest bet during current times. He never holds back; be it lyrically or sonically.


‘Aadarsh Bars’ is a rather wicked concoction of clever rhymes, catchy hooks and accompanying music that is sure to keep its listeners intriguingly unsettled from the beginning till the end. It is loud, it is raw and transcends the boundaries of what Indian hip-hop could ever sound like. Modern composition, is heavily electronic in majority of the genres and lacks the ‘human touch’ of real instruments. Todu has gone all the way by trying to incorporate real bass guitars, drum sounds and live grooves to make sure the music feels as mortal as possible. There are distorted basslines, industrial sounds, moody old school synths and unexpected genre bending which will engage the listeners in a deep emotional manner. Vocals are mostly spoken with sung lines wherever required. Trap, boom-bap, hardcore, alternative, chill - you name it. The tape’s got it all.


Lyrically, there is nothing too personal happening with the tracks. Every song is a story, a poetry of its own which is sure to connect with a wide variety of listeners, both Indian and global. Themes from the record centre around aggression, alienation, domestic issues and emotional venting. Every song has the capability of standing out as a single and blends in beautifully as an album as well. There are two collaborations; one with an upcoming rapper - ‘Deadbot’ from Jaipur who spat an angrily aggressive verse on the track - ‘Sabko Bhardo’ and another with Mumbai based producer/DJ - ‘Blame Adam’ who has co-produced and contributed to the song - ‘Lion’ with his eery, laid back, yet majestically mighty style of beat composition. 


All the tracks have been written, produced, recorded and engineered single handedly by Mr. Todu. This is his debut album as well as full length solo project. The music is sure to resonate with those who are desperate for something new, something special; and will most definitely grown on to those who might find it to be unconventional in their first listen. 


The idea for the title came more easily than a flood would, during the peak of Mumbai monsoons. ‘Aadarsh Bars’ translates to ‘ideal bars’ or ‘ideal lyricism’ and will surely have a peculiar connection with the regular Bombay suburban drinker who has at least once in their lifetime visited ‘Aadarsh Bar’ a local bar which happens to be located in Andheri west. A famous landmark of its locality. 


Wether this album hits it off or not, time will tell; but it is sure to have a substantial impact on the listeners and will most definitely get them interested in this eccentric, quirky yet truthful bloke who’s called - ‘Mr. Todu’.


About The Artist :-

Varun Shungloo, also known as ‘Mr. Todu’, ‘m.t.d’ or simply ‘Todu’ is a musical artist and performer from Mumbai, India. Not wanting to be identified as an instrumentalist, singer, producer etc. Todu feels most comfortable without any such generalisation, as 'self expression’ through lyricism, music and sound seem to be his only core motives of having chosen this profession. Having had his fair share of exposure in the music scene, both indie and industry, he still, wants to be free from an identity and only wants to keep experimenting with his art form. Shungloo made a little bit of noise as ‘Lil Todu’ the underground rapper, collaborated with fellow artists for a couple of singles, and also performed at renowned local venues. He has released an EP - ‘No Warning’ and a few singles, so far. Todu has already ventured out into new territory by making new styles of acoustic music and is always working on newer tunes. For now, his style is raw, rather aggressive and quite electronic with honest ‘Hinglish’ lyricism, which according to him would be forever changing. He wishes to make the music he loves, and wants it to be heard and understood by as many people possible, and really looks forward to performing it live; as that, he feels is a direct and the most impactful way of communicating with his listeners.

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