Upcoming EP - 'Psychoshiq - Vol. 1'

Title : Psychoshiq - Vol. 1

Artist : Mr. Todu

Genre : Alternative/Experimental, Hip-Hop/Dance

Running Time : 7 minutes and 46 seconds

No. of Tracks - 3

Track Names - i) Drugs (All You Need)

                        ii) Raja/Rani

                        iii) Sin City

Album Art of Mr. Todu's upcoming EP - 'Psychoshiq Vol. 1'

Album Art

Write Up -

It is said that, from a broken heart comes out beautiful art. Mr. Todu is involved with a girl, and is being his playful and emotional self when it comes to expressing his love for her. It is unsure wether the girl feels the same too, all along. The reality about the true equation they share is eerily revealed at the very end of this hard hitting EP - ‘Psychoshiq Vol. 1’.

The name of this tape has been born out of the words ‘psycho’ and ‘aashiq’ which means ‘lover’ in Hindi. 

Very much like the title, the songs use an equal blend of Hindi and English lyricism and would be an absolute treat for the masses who understand both the languages.

The music from this EP is upbeat, raw, hard-hitting, hip-hop/trap and dance influenced. 

Todu teamed up with two beat producers, ‘Dropped Out’ and ‘NTZ’ from Mumbai and Pune respectively. They both seemed to have contributed to the sound of this tape in their own unique style. The second track from the tape - ‘Raja/Rani’ is the artists production debut in which he has made every element of the song independently. 

Not holding back, and having gone all-in with his ideas and expression, Todu has created something rather unusual. First of its kind, there is no surety as to how this sound would be received; and that according to him makes it even more exciting.

Created by Mr. Todu, 2021.