Mr. Todu is a musical artist and performer from Mumbai, India. Not wanting to be bound by genre or style, 'self-expression' through lyricism, music, sound and performance seem to be his core motives for having chosen this field of entertainment.

"Naake pe Pateli pura din"

"Salute to we youth, need 'em blunts for our sharpness"

"Todu's back, sneak attack,

Kiya plan May to June"

"Got me broke like she 'PMC',

Been trippin' me out like she 'DMT'."

"Let's make some good films,

Support the weak, stand up and speak,

For all of our people"

"She said she wanted to sleep, lekin in a 5-star,

Machaya in the sheets, ghamasaan, lagataar."