Varun ‘Lil Todu’ Shungloo is an independent musician from Mumbai, India, who gained substantial recognition after his first hit hip-hop/rap single - ‘Pateli’, in which he featured alongside Meme Machine. Not sticking to textbook rap, Todu’s musical style comprises melodic vocal lines accompanied by varied beat styles. Alien to the gully scene, Lil Todu is one of the few musicians to have experimented with this new style of hip-hop in Mumbai. While ‘Pateli’ might have been an upbeat number, Todu has had two other singles under his name; ‘DND’ and ‘Idk’, which have a rather chill vibe. Leaving hip-hop and rap aside, Shungloo has always been an avid listener of varied genres of music and happened to have acquired a liking for this new wave of international hip-hop, of late. He plans to make his own music an amalgamation of it all, with a heavy Indian flavour to it.

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