Mr. Todu is a musical artist and performer from Mumbai, India. 

From having started off as a curious teen, strumming aimlessly on his first guitar at the tender age of eleven, Mr. Todu has come a long way into having discovered himself as a musician. Varun Shungloo is also known as ‘Mr. Todu’, ‘Mr. T’ or simply ‘Todu. Not wanting to be identified as an instrumentalist, singer, producer etc. Todu feels most comfortable without any such generalisation, as 'self expression’ through lyricism, music and sound seem to be his only core motives of having chosen this profession. “I’m not an expert at music theory, a master at an instrument or even a singer par excellence. I’m just a boy with outlandish lyrical and sonic ideas in my head, and all I want to be better at is effortlessly translating them into full fledged songs.” 

From being a confused kid wanting to cover songs on an acoustic six string, to picking up a bass guitar and then having been out of practise for about six years (on and off), Todu has now come a long way in terms of songwriting, performance and production. He has been the bassist of a seven piece electro hip-hop band, a quickly retired singer-songwriter, an underground rapper and now a full time music producer and sound engineer. Having had a fair share of exposure in the music scene, both indie and industry, he still, wants to be free from an identity and only wants to keep experimenting with his art form. 

Shungloo made a fair share of noise as ‘Lil Todu’ the underground rapper, and collaborated with fellow artists for a couple of hit singles, performed at renowned local venues. “Making hip-hop/rap was fun. It taught me a lot about songwriting, arrangement, engineering and production, but continuing on the same path would hinder my growth somewhere down the line. Not saying I won’t be making rap songs again, but there are so many other styles which I want to explore, and I wouldn’t want to be recognised as a hip-hopper only because I have a ‘Lil’ in my name.” He has released an EP - ‘No Warning’ and a few singles, so far. Todu has already ventured out into new territory by making new styles of acoustic music and is always working on newer tunes. For now, his style is raw, rather aggressive and quite electronic with honest ‘Hinglish’ lyricism, which according to him would be forever changing. 

He wishes to make the music he loves, and wants it to be heard and understood by as many people possible, and really looks forward to performing it live; as that, he feels is a direct and the most impactful way of showing who he truly is to his listeners. 

Being a performer, he also has a knack for comedy, acting, drama, art and dance and eventually wishes to try his hand at it all. 

Put aside your expectations about what he might deliver, and you’re sure to be entertained. That’s Mr. Todu for you.

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"Naake pe Pateli pura din"

"Salute to we youth, need 'em blunts for our sharpness"

"Todu's back, sneak attack,

Kiya plan May to June"

"Got me broke like she 'PMC',

Been trippin' me out like she 'DMT'."

"Let's make some good films,

Support the weak, stand up and speak,

For all of our people"

"She said she wanted to sleep, lekin in a 5-star,

Machaya in the sheets, ghamasaan, lagataar."