Fresh, raw and honest. Thematically, ‘No Warning’ displays hints of Todu’s musical style and marks his official entry into the indie scene. Making the most of his collaborations, each song has been composed rather precisely. Complete freedom was given to the producers to experiment with their respective styles. That’s what makes the record so unique. Todu made sure he was of no hindrance when it came to suggesting beat types. According to him, as long as the lyrics and vocal melodies went hand in hand, the producers were to be given complete freedom to experiment with the musicality of the songs. Being bound by genre or feel had never been the idea. Every song started off with the lyrics and the vocal melody and the rest of the track was then structured around it. Each number talks about something unique and relatable.


This EP is surely experimental in many aspects as the conventional course a record would usually take is absent. Each song has the ability to stand out by itself, and that is a big advantage. Listeners are in for a treat as the varied song styles will surely have them grooving to the tunes in no time. Lyrics are written in ‘Hinglish’ and will be completely understandable by the average Indian. From hard-hitting to laid back, the tape’s got it all. Sahir and Meme Machine are the only two artists to have lent their voices on ‘DND’ and ‘Pateli’, respectively. Other producers like Crazy Vibe, Collective Beats, Blame Adam and Distocore have done a

tremendous job at crafting the various beats.

The only advice to listeners; enter the ‘No Warning’ zone with zero expectations and you'll be in for a treat. Not to be judged as hip-hop, trap or rap, this EP has a distinct vibe and surely has ‘TODU’ written all over it.

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